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Native Washingtonian who started playing percussion as a child. Percussion instruments always fascinated me. As a child, I grew up listening to various percussion instruments in Go-Go music. In high school, I played percussion and drums in the school's marching band. During the early years, I started performing with a local neighborhood band. Later on, I was given an opportunity to perform with a popular Go-Go group named Reality Band. This is when my nickname “Walker Redds” was created.

I’m so humbled to be a major influence in the DMV’s Go-Go culture/history. As my talents developed, I started listening to Rare Essence, George Duke, Tribe Called Quest, Patrice Rushen, and many other influential artists at that time.

After Reality Band, I co-founded a popular local Jazz/Go-Go band named Suttle Thoughts. Suttle Thoughts was a major influence to a new style of Go- Go called “Grown and Sexy.” This sound was creating by playing Top-40 songs over Go-Go beats. These experiences helped me develop a solid “pocket” playing style. I started playing all styles of music such as R&B, Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Gospel, and Hip Hop. My main talents are drums, percussion, live engineering, music production, and band management. As I transitioned out of Go-Go bands, I started focusing on entertaining older crowds. With this focus in mind I formed the music group the “Walker Redds Project."


The Walker Redds Project (WRP) is an extremely versatile R&B Band. This unique sound is a blend of Old/New School R&B Hits, Funk, Jazz, Gospel, Old School GO-GO, and Neo Soul. With this wide range of music, the WRP can accommodate any event. This can include a jazz/dinner/cocktail set, an energetic dance set, or anywhere in between. The WRP’s diverse variety of music covers R&B Hits from the 70’s to current. The band's audiences captivated for the entire set. Performances range from small venues, such as restaurants, to the big stages, such as hotel ballrooms. The WRP is a one stop shop providing in-house services such as self promotion, PA/band equipment, lighting, intermission sets, and sound engineer(s). Depending on the event, the band may vary from four to eight band members on stage. The band's instrumentation consists of vocalist(s), percussion, bass guitar, keys, horns, and drums. The WRP performs at various venues throughout the DMV area. Please check the website,, for upcoming events. The Walker Redds Project is the band for ALL your live entertainment needs! 

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